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Why Your Business Grinding Isn't Working...

Updated: May 13, 2021

Don’t get your mind in the gutter and lose track of the actual topic we are talking about today. If you’re an entrepreneur then you've likely expressed similar conversation around the table.

“I’m doing x, y, z for # amount of hours per day.”

“I work more than I did in corporate.”

“I can’t afford to pay myself."

… Okay, quick reality check. Your grinding isn’t working.

An entrepreneur is someone with a market-driven pursuit of a conceptual idea, who seeks a viable business model that succeeds in a target market. An entrepreneur is engaged in the process of creating, innovating, monitoring, measuring, tweaking, and pivoting.

For most that translates as GRIND AND HUSTLE, right?

Let me share 4 steps with you today on how to be an entrepreneur WITHOUT the grind.

Step 1. Back To Basics: Define Your Mission + Vision Statement To Get Clarity On Your Purpose + Goals

It’s true that having a purposeful Mission Statement can provide a lens through which you can review opportunities through and make the best decisions for your business. If you’re reading this then you likely have said yes to too many things because of a particular revenue goal or perhaps you’re experiencing scarcity mindset - either way those aren’t reasons to become a yes, ma’am. Take the time to write out a meaningful Mission Statement to get clarity on your purpose and write a Vision Statement to describe your business in a future state that reflects success.

I challenge you to write out both and share with it with your VIP (Very Important People) or even better, share it with your Girlfriend’s in our FB Group: GIRLFRIEND'S, BUDGET!: SECRETS TO ATTRACTING FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Declare your purpose, sis!

Step 2. Evaluate Your Business Model

What’s the right business model for your small business? There are several ways to have a successful business and it isn’t a one size/current trend way of choosing how to structure your business.

And, there is a good chance that today is an opportunity to reimagine your business as not just a set of offers, services, or varying client agreements.

But, as a system. (ohhhhhh yeah, we are going there!)

When you get clear on the business model you’re operating in and how that model works, you can make better decisions about spending your time and resources.

Step 3. Evaluate Your Business Plan

Okay, there may be a good chance you haven’t structured a business plan if you haven’t really decided on a business model.

So what’s the difference between a business plan and a business model? Simply put, a business plan is a written description of the future of the business. Its a document that not only gets a business concept on paper but outlines the people and steps that will