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5 COVID Safe Side Hustles For the Go-Getter Woman.

While we were all riding the "This is my year" wave, the Coronavirus came in and snatched us up. Vision boards have had to go unpursued, goals unmet, and resources untapped... it was rough for all of us, sis. However, all is not lost; contactless entrepreneurship is the new wave, and women's entrepreneurship has increased 21 percent over the last five years.

So today, I have 5 COVID safe side hustles that will help you close the "financial gap."

​A lot of apartments are going to valet trash, and they are looking for the best rates. If they don't already have the service for their tenants, you can sell it to them. It's just another amenity to make the apartment complex more marketable, increase revenue per apartment, and be more convenient for the tenants. Let's face it; no one likes walking to the dumpster.

The hours are later in the evening in most cases, which means no traffic, and you can burn off the calories before bed. There is no need to hire anyone else, with just some decent negotiating skills, yourself, and a truck to hold the trash until you're ready to unload once you've finished your pick up. If you have older children, this can generate revenue for college or while away at college and make them employees or owners of the business.

You know the drill, girlfriend. You're scrolling through social media, and you come across cute, suspiciously inexpensive clothing and shoes that you must purchase. Did you know that online boutiques across the industry are projected to make just shy of $715 BILLION a year by 2022?

So if you've got an eye for fashion and beauty and don't mind trips to the post office, this could be just the thing for you. You likely already have built-in customers because your friends scroll through and see the same things you do. There is enough money circulating in this industry for you to make a little too. So, get those coins, boo.

​We've all experienced self-serve carwashes; we've run out of soap, then out of the water before being done. Then fed the machine more of our money to finish and still more coins to vacuum the car when the wash is complete. There is literally nothing to be done in these businesses except restock the vending machines, soap, and collect the coins. Now, that's the definition of passive income.

​Owning and operating an ATM is a good plan if you're looking for a way to grow your "stimulus check" because ATMs are surprisingly inexpensive, and it can be relatively easy to find somewhere to put them. The fees charged to use them are where you make your money, so if you can put them places where cash is a must like near food truck parks, night clubs, and amusement parks, all of which will be back open soon and the possibilities for return on your investment are high.

​Flex drivers and independent contractors are both great ways to make extra money with amazon prime deliveries. These are low to no contact. Leave the package, take a picture, and be back in the car and on your way in no time.

So girlfriend, if you're looking to make additional coins while COVID hangs around, try out these tips. Who knows, you may come out of this pandemic with a brand new perspective on how to make your coins work for you!

Ready to take your life and money to the next level? Schedule a free 30-minute Breakthrough call or join our FREE Facebook group and discover how the GFB Team can help you on your financial freedom journey!

Charde is a California native, Texas educated, wander lusting creative, and writer for Girlfriend's, Budget! University of North Texas Alum, when she is not creating different forms of media she enjoys traveling, saving money, thinking of new side hustles, and reading fiction novels.

​Charde can be reached via twitter @Chardebbrown

Ready to take your life and money to the next level? Schedule a free 30-minute Breakthrough call or join our FREE Facebook group and discover how the GFB Team can help you on your financial freedom journey!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

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