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Need a Business Coach? Here are the Top 6 Signs.

Owning and operating a small business is a challenging way to make a living, and not everyone can handle the long hours and responsibilities. Successful business owners may still struggle with the daily grind and sometimes feel like giving up.

Business owners who are having trouble working on their business with the day-to-day business tasks or struggling with the mental workload may be able to get support from a business coach. Here are the six signs you know you need a business coach and how to find the best one.

1. Overwhelmed

A Gallup poll shows small business owners average around 52 hours per week. These strenuous working hours may leave some entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed. If you’re feeling overextended, you may need the help of a business coach. A business coach could give you tips to help maximize your time and delegate more responsibilities to other employees instead of taking on all of the tasks yourself.

2. Frustration

Feeling frustrated and stuck with your current business model could also be signs you need help. A business coach could give you some ideas to help shake things up and help you reclaim your passion for your industry. A coach may suggest new marketing ideas, a different office setting, a change in content, innovative products, and services, or a brand refreshment.

3. Expertise

You could also benefit from business coaching if you want to learn new skills to help your company succeed. You could link up with a business coach specializing in valuable entrepreneurial skills, such as business finance, graphic design, web authoring, recruiting, or something more niche.

4. Collaboration

Another way you could benefit from a business coach is when you need someone else to collaborate with and brainstorm ideas. If you run a company as a sole proprietor, you may not have anyone to help hash out ideas. A coach in your industry may give you a way to get feedback and inspiration.

5. Expansion

Companies looking to expand can also get assistance from a business coach. Coaches may give you ideas about how to scale your business and continue to earn profits as you grow.

6. Resources

If you can’t afford a business coach, you can access free coaching resources through websites, online tools, and other services. When trying to improve your online payment processing and security, look for an authentication API. This tool will essentially authenticate bank accounts for ACH withdrawal, and it also means it works with user-friendly payment processors like Stripe and Dwolla.

Other things to look for when searching for a business coach are:


For entrepreneurs ready to team up with a business coach, ask for referrals for great coaches from people in your field. Ask each coach about their results with other entrepreneurial clients.


A good coach should also mesh well with your personality. Working with different personality types is possible, but a coach’s personality should complement your style of collaboration.


Additionally, set the expectation for how you will communicate with your coach. Some entrepreneurs prefer to email or text, and other coaches and professionals like to meet in person, virtually, or via phone.


Lastly, look for a coach that offers free consultations so you can preview their services, which can help you better understand if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

Working with a business coach could transform your company’s outlook. It could also give you more inspiration and passion for your industry. Find more valuable resources and guidance with a Girlfriend’s Budget membership.

Written by: Courtney Rosenfeld

"Courtney started Gig Spark to be a resource and the first step for people who are looking to join the gig economy, either to supplement their income or as a way to fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur."

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