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Helping your employees live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.... one budget at a time.

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Your Employees Are Stressed About Money...

It's concerns distract people from doing their best quality work.


And while we are all responsible for our bank accounts, employers have the opportunity and responsibility to support and encourage financial literacy among its employees.

study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation discovered that financial literacy skills have significantly declined since the Great Recession, especially for 18 to 34-year-olds.


PwC investigated the biggest causes for stress at work and found that more employees cite financial matters than any other life stressor combined including their job, relationships and health concerns (because money actually affects all three)!


The study also found that nearly half of employees spend more than three hours each week distracted by their personal finances.

So why should you offer a Financial Wellness Program for your Employees?

We’re all about helping your team conquer their financial goals and thrive in every aspect of life. Get ready to supercharge your workforce with our dynamic financial education services!

Studies show that companies that offer such services can help their employees achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals while increasing employee engagement and retention. It's really a win-win! ​

At Girlfriends Budget, we all come from the corporate and finance world, and we know the importance of seeing your company's ROI.

By offering a Financial Wellness Program to employees, companies can benefit by:

  • Increasing loyalty and improving retention.

  • Reducing financial stress and insecurity among employees enhancing focus and productivity while on the job.

  • Supporting employees with sufficient information to make decisions about retirement plans and other benefits.

  • Saving the company from spending substantial amounts of money on absenteeism, garnishments, healthcare, and costs of delayed retirement.

Some of the biggest names in business are already offering Corporate Financial Wellness Programs because they know it can have a significant positive impact on improving the lives of millions. 


For many individuals, the workplace is where their financial life comes together. Most consumers also trust their employer more than other institutions, providing an ideal environment to break down the barriers around discussing money and positively changing behaviors.

It's a new era to include financial literacy training as part of a company's employee assistance program. Budgeting, money management, retirement, financial planning, debt reduction, and much more are available to assist employees in better understanding and managing their money and life goals.

A combination of group financial literacy workshops and one-on-one financial training with Girlfriend's, Budget, considering a Corporate Financial Wellness program for your employees is a decision companies won't regret.

Schedule a time to speak with our team to help you build a culture of healthy, happy, and financially fulfilled employees. 

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