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Helping your employees live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.... one budget at a time.

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Your Employees Are Stressed About Money...

It's concerns distract people from doing their best quality work.


And while we are all responsible for our bank accounts, employers have the opportunity and responsibility to support and encourage financial literacy among its employees.

study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation discovered that financial literacy skills have significantly declined since the Great Recession, especially for 18 to 34-year-olds.


PwC investigated the biggest causes for stress at work and found that more employees cite financial matters than any other life stressor combined including their job, relationships and health concerns (because money actually affects all three)!


The study also found that nearly half of employees spend more than three hours each week distracted by their personal finances.

Does it work? Who else is doing it?

Recognizing that financial well-being is integral to overall happiness and job satisfaction, forward-thinking organizations are investing in resources and support to empower their employees to take control of their finances.

Here are some names that you might recognize, that have previously partnered with us to bring these financial wellness programs to their employees.


At Girlfriends Budget, we all come from the corporate and finance world, and we know the importance of seeing your company's ROI.

By offering a Financial Wellness Program to employees, companies can benefit by:

  • Increasing loyalty and improving retention.

  • Reducing financial stress and insecurity among employees enhancing focus and productivity while on the job.

  • Supporting employees with sufficient information to make decisions about retirement plans and other benefits.

  • Saving the company from spending substantial amounts of money on absenteeism, garnishments, healthcare, and costs of delayed retirement.

For many individuals, the workplace is where their financial life comes together. Most consumers also trust their employer more than other institutions, providing an ideal environment to break down the barriers around discussing money and positively changing behaviors.

So how can Girlfriend's Budget provide this benefit for my organization?

There are so many things you could offer to your employees, here are the ones that we have found to be the most cost-effective for your organization and employees.

1. Financial Education Workshops and Webinars: We host workshops and webinars covering various financial topics such as budgeting, investing, managing debt, and retirement planning.

2. Financial Wellness Tools and Resources: We give you access to our online financial wellness platforms and tools that offer budgeting, debt management tools, many other resources, and personalized financial assessments to help employees track their financial progress and make informed decisions.

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It's a new era to include financial literacy training as part of a company's employee assistance program. Budgeting, money management, retirement, financial planning, debt reduction, and much more are available to assist employees in better understanding and managing their money and life goals.

By proactively addressing the financial needs of your employees, you not only demonstrate a commitment to their holistic well-being but also unlock a pathway to organizational success.


Our team is ready to partner with you, and empower your workforce towards greater financial stability and prosperity.


Together, we can create a culture where employees feel supported, engaged, and empowered to navigate their financial journeys with confidence.

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