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How to Still Be Productive at a Job You Hate...

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Well… hate is a strong word, so let’s say strongly dislike…

So there you are… driving to work… listening to your music and you haven’t had your morning pick-me-up just yet. You’re praying, “Lord… please let this be a good day… and please don’t let me have to go off on… [fill in the blank]”.

​Girlfriends, you know there’s always that one co-worker… but I digress. (LOL)

I mean, let’s face it! Most people are not currently working at their dream job… but are, hopefully, still grateful to be employed, nonetheless. But working somewhere that you don't necessarily want to be at in the first place, can really put a damper on a girl’s productivity.

​So until your passion becomes your career, let’s review a few tips to help any girl stay productive while working at a job she... umm... strongly dislikes, because at the end of the day, there’s bills to be paid!

​Dress Up!

Looking and feeling one’s best is always a guaranteed mood booster.

I’m not saying you have to walk out of your place looking like you just stepped out of a magazine, but getting yourself together to be your best self can really boost a girl’s self-esteem.

​Putting on a cute outfit, fixing up your hair a little, and putting on a least a dab of lip gloss will have you feeling like you can conquer the world. Because when you look good… you feel good, which will in turn, boost your productivity at work!

Create a List!

First thing’s first. After you have gotten to work, settled in, and maybe grabbed your first cup of coffee… take a seat and create a list of all the things you need to get done that day.

By knowing the tasks that need to get completed, you can prioritize your day depending on how you work best. Personally… I like to get most of my difficult, or more time consuming tasks done in the morning when my mind is fresh and clear. The quick and easy tasks come later in the day when my brain is tired and I’m dragging because I'm ready to go home.

You may work better the other way around. So do what works best for you as long as it gets done, because procrastination will easily sneak up. Then check that thang off the list, feeling accomplished, because you know that’s one less thing you have to do!

Listen to Music!

Working with other people can sometimes be fun, buuut sometimes be a little bit annoying… especially when you have work to do. So if it’s okay with your employer… pop in your earbuds and tune into your favorite playlist or Pandora station to help keep your focus on the task at hand.

Tuning out distractions will definitely rev up productivity so try it out and see how quickly things will start movin’ and shakin’ once you get on a roll.

Leave Work… at Work!

Many of us complain about not having a solid work-life balance, but the fact of the matter is… the more we get done at work, the less we may feel like we have to do later (or at home).