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The 4 People Every Business Woman Needs in Her Corner

Whoever came up with the title Solopreneur can you please stand up?? That title was likely deemed from a tired and broke-ass man that didn’t get that the hype and vibe he was creating was from that space. Solopreneur isn’t a badge of honor, it’s a distinction.

The differences between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur can be elusive to most, as some entrepreneurs work alone until their business begins to grow enough to build a team. However, those who decide to become entrepreneurs adopt a very different state of mind which is reflected in their daily actions.

Solo means single. Single person running the business, single person to rely on for support, single ideas, single action steps. Solo is a quick path to burnout and that’s why we don’t talk about being a solopreneur, we talk about being a MF Queen.

Queens are a next-level distinction because they understand that they can’t be successful without 4 very specific individuals in their lives. They’re not building alone, they’re building their empire with help! You’ve likely asked yourself, “What is the secret sauce??” Because you can see the difference in the way these women carry themselves professionally and have a SUCCESSFUL business.

These 4 different types of people are the framework to serve you and your business!

1. Your Biz Bestie: These are the business influences or like-minded individuals that have become real friends with you on your journey. They are typically some of the first people who influence your business and are similar to you or are in a similar stage of business.

You may find your biz bestie may be a friend who you’ve had for a long time but just recently developed a deeper connection as you begin your business and journey of business ownership. There may also be connections you make in the online space where you find yourself making immediate connections because you found your person who “gets it” or is someone who you can lean on and support at the same time.

2. Your Mastermind: Group of people you are drawn to and who share your values, collaborate with, and level up with. There is often a common thread amongst the entire group.

I prefer to be in Masterminds that are at least a level or two above me. This way I feel like I’m not being taught from a place I’m already at and given the steps and growth to develop my skills and business to the next level. It’s really important that the culture of the Mastermind is one of collaboration, collective work, and support.

3. Your Mentor + Coach: This person has experience and success underneath their belt, they are doing something you aspire to do, and they have what you need.

A Mentor + Coach can provide insight, strategy, and action steps to get you out of the current stage you are in. A Mentor + Coach typically gives you 1:1 support and be along with group support. Typically in addition there will be online learning modules to give an extra level of training and progress. If you’re stuck in the dreaming state or you have a side hustle started but you are ready to get that hustle into a business, GFB is now offering an exclusive Level Up Your Business: 8 Weeks To Launch Online. Training like this typically runs for $10k but we have a special for our sister circle. 💪

Book a call directly with our Business Coach to discuss how to get started!

4. Inspirational Figure: These people may not be in your field, but they are aspirational. You find yourself watching the way they show up and build their business.

Let the facts be heard, surrounding yourself with Queens who are showing up everyday and building their empires are nothing short of being an Inspirational Figure. If you’re looking for your Queens, sister circle, or even your next Biz Bestie jump into our private FB Group!



Financial and Business Coach at Girlfriend's, Budget!

Wife & Mom of 3 girls under the age of 7, Coach Char is the epitome of a supermom boss babe. As the Sr. Finance + Business Coach for Girlfriend's, Budget, Char is a powerhouse of knowledge – helping women to find independence and freedom through effective business and money strategies. Take your business to the next level and connect with Char here.

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