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Quick Tips for Enjoying the Holidays without Blowing Your Budget!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

“It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaar!”

Yes, I’m talking about the quickly approaching holidays, girlfriend! When the weather is cool enough to rock some cute sweaters, and it’s a-okay to pig out on some homemade comfort food with family and friends. Yet as blissful as the holidays can be… it’s usually the time of year when people blow their budgets significantly by getting caught up in the hype of the holiday extravaganza. But not this year hunty... because I’ve got some tips for you that will allow you to enjoy the holidays, while still keeping your budget intact. Let’s chat!

1. Decide on a Set Holiday Budget.

The time to start setting aside money for the holidays is right now, by taking an affordable amount from each paycheck to put towards gifts, food, decorations and whatever else your heart desires (within reason of course… let’s not get crazy!).

2. Make a List of People you Want to Buy Gifts For.

Many times people try to buy gifts for everyone they know! I’m sure your sister’s friend’s cousin won’t be mad at you if you decided not to purchase a gift for everyone and their mama this year, right? So make a list of those who are closest to you and decide how much you’re willing to spend on each person based on your pre-determined budget.

3. Try Potlucks for Large Family Dinners.

Girlfriend, if you love food the way I do, then you know there has to be loads of delicious cornbread dressing, mac and cheese, greens, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie… (omg... somebody stop me!) around for the holidays, right?! But all that cooking can get expensive, especially if you’re having a large gathering. So in this case, try asking all that come to celebrate the holidays with you to bring their best dish to share with all your guests. This way you don’t have to do all the shopping (money saver) or all the cooking (time saver) and actually get to relax and enjoy that time with your loved ones.

4. Secret Santa Anyone?

Who all has ever played Secret Santa? I really love this holiday game especially when you’re trying to cut down on the amount of money spent and number of presents to buy! Here’s how it goes… write down everyone’s name on a piece of paper who wants to participate and have each person (or you can do it for them) draw a random name (or two). You can even make your own rules and set a maximum budget for each gift. This way everyone gets a gift and everyone’s bank accounts are still happy!

5. Earn some Extra Holiday cash!

There’s several ways to snatch up some extra cash for the holidays.

Sell Old Items - I’m sure we all have some items laying around the house that we’re not using anymore and could be sold for a little extra cash. Just take a minute to look through some of your old household items and see what may be valuable to someone else. Nowadays, there are apps like Offer Up and 5Miles that make selling old items a breeze and can get you some cash in your pocket fast!

Pick up a Holiday Job - So many companies are hiring around the holidays because they need help keeping up with the end of the year volume. Places like JCPenny, Amazon, UPS and so many more hire seasonal employees who have time to help out and who want to earn some extra cash for the holidays… win-win.

Use your Talents - Are you good at making holiday wreaths? Do you make a bomb pumpkin or pecan pie? Are you good at doing other people’s makeup? Girlfriends, we all have a talent within us that we can utilize to capitalize… okaay! Take a minute to think about a talent you may have that can help you gain a little extra cash this holiday season.

Drive for Uber - This time of year many people travel out of town to visit friends and family and will need to use car services to get around. Signing up with Uber is really simple and quick! As long as you have a car, a license, and auto insurance... you can turn your vehicle into a money making machine at your own leisure. As a matter of fact, if you sign up here using code 9vw2t481ue, you'll receive $100 bonus after taking 50 trips… on top of the money you're already making with each ride. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Tis' the season to love, laugh, and be merry. Don't let your finances be a stressor this year. Give these tips a try and let me know how they work out for you! Seasons Greetings!

Until Next Time,


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