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GFB Fashion Finds: Self-Tie Top & Chic Floral Pumps

Hey girl, hey!

Any Erykah Badu fans in the house? I ask only because I was totally feelin’ her vibe during this photoshoot. Like seriously, I put on a whole Badu concert in my head… and it was fabulous (lol)! But I digress…

Let’s talk fashion, girlfriends!

​When it comes to my personal style, I really like to mix it up… a lot. And it honestly just comes down to what I’m feeling like in the morning when I wake up. There’s days I just want to be comfy, yet cute. Other days I’m feelin’ a street vibe - like real edgy or rock and roll-ish, but most days… I just love to be fashionably chic!

Ya see, in my head... I’m totally a celebrity (lol). So when I step out (like out - out), I want to look and feel my best. Plus, with both a Wife and Bestie that are stylish Out. Of. This. World…. I really have no choice.

But regardless of the style of the day, I always feel good knowing that I can look like a million bucks without having to blow my budget!

So let’s highlight some of the deets of this outfit..shall we?!

The Top.

Since the weather is ever-changing in bi-polar ass... I mean, beautiful Dallas, Texas, you’re never really sure what you’re going to get when you step outside. That’s why I love versatile blouses like this Zara brand white self-tie peplum top that I found for a steal of $16 at Uptown Cheapskate University Park - a local resale shop here in Dallas.

It’s light, comfy, and flowy, plus the shape of the garment allows me to eat all I want without my food baby showing afterwards. But most of all… it’s simple, yet stylish which makes it really easy to pair with almost anything. I found a similar (and just as affordable) top at one of my favorite online stores

The Jeans.

Who doesn’t love boyfriend jeans? ​For those of you who don’t know what boyfriend jeans are... the style icons describe this type of jean as a closet essential. Mainly because the fit is much more relaxed and looser than a skinny jean, but still just as chic nonetheless. It kinda gives off that vibe of effortless style with a touch of boyish flare… without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Check out these super cute boyfriend jeans I found for a steal here.

The Shoes.

I genuinely cannot get enough of these floral pumps from Payless ShoeSource. Like honestly... they pretty much go with everything. Solids. Patterns. You name it. And rest assured that with these babies on your feet, you’re bound to get tons of comments and compliments...because I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t love these shoes?