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GFB Fashion Finds: Off-Shoulder Dress & Classic Sneakers

Hey girl, hey!

From time to time, I’ll have other women approach me to either compliment or inquire about an outfit I’m wearing. And more times than not... these ladies are shocked when I tell them where I’ve purchased certain pieces, and how much it actually cost me!

So recently, I rocked this cute little off-the-shoulder number to a holiday backyard barbecue. The sheer shock in people’s reactions when I told them the details of my outfit were enough to get me inspired to write this very 1st fashion blog post for Girlfriend’s, Budget!

If you really want to know the truth... fashion is all about what you make of it, and a well-fitting, well put-together outfit can make any girl feel like a million bucks - without having to break the bank.

Can you guess how much this whole outfit cost me?

Less than $50 bucks! That’s right, girlfriend… $50. Bucks. Let’s discuss the deets… shall we?!

​So whenever I begin thinking of how to piece an outfit together, I try to keep 3 major components in mind: The outfit itself, the shoes; and the accessories. As long as your mindful of those three things, you’re already on the road to fashion success, sis.RELATED: How To Still Be Productive at a Job You Hate!

The Dress.

First and foremost, I absolutely adore this off-the-shoulder dress. It’s fun, flirty, and I copped it for a steal at a consignment store near my area called Uptown Cheapskate Lewisville for only $16 bucks! Although I loooove consignment stores, because you can sell old items that you no longer wear and get cash or store credit to spend on something new. Plus you can find some pretty high-end name brand items for cheap. The only unfortunate things are that most don’t have online shopping, and unlike a department store or a store at the mall, consignments usually only have one (or very few) of the same item. ​But not to worry, girlfriends. There’s a whole internet playground that allows you to shop for comparable items (within your budget) with just a few clicks of a button. is one of my very favorite online shops. I love this site because they have a plethora of super cute, trendy clothes at very, very affordable prices. I found these 2 off-the-shoulder dresses similar to the one I have for the low-low here and here. Note: when shopping online, always read the reviews and the sizing chart.

The Shoes.

That’s why I love these American Eagle Classic Sneakers from Payless Shoesource! They’re stylish, versatile, super comfortable, and the quality is outstanding! Plus right now, they’re on sale for only $12.99 (ummm… can we say winning?!). Okay, but let’s have an honesty moment here...

​I have to admit that I used to be super bougie about purchasing footwear from Payless (don’t judge me). Not because they had budget-friendly shoes… but because back in the day, with kids being kids, Payless was just not the cool place to shop. But after perusing the site, I realized I had really been trippin’ this whole time! Payless ain’t the same Payless it used to be, ya’ll! They have really stepped their shoe game up and I am seriously hooked! Don’t believe me? Click here and have a look-see for yourself!