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Confessions Part III: The swiper

Hey Girl, hey!

Welcome to Part III of the Girlfriend's, Budget series "Confessions". Today I bring to you someone that I have known and loved for a very long time. Meet my friend, Kristie - The Swiper!

I met Kristie my freshman year at Baylor University when we were still young, crazy, and immature! But one of the first things I learned about Kristie is that she is super OCD... like to the max! She is literally one of the most organized people I know. I remember her college dorm always was so immaculate because everything had it's place. Today... Kristie is still that way, so it really surprised me when I found out Kristie's little secret. She was a swiper (gasps)!

So with Kristie being one of my best friends, we had to get her financial future on the right track. And with her OCD, I knew once she got a hang of this budgeting thing... she was going to take it and run with it!

Kristie and I got together on beautiful Sunday morning to discuss the amazing financial strides she’s made over the past couple of years since working with me. Here’s how the conversation went:

[Elle]: (Screaming).... "I’m so exciiiiited!"

[Kristie]: (Laughing)... You are so dumb!

[Elle]: “I’ve been really excited about this interview because you like….”

[Kristie]: “Started from the bottom, now we here?”

[Elle]: (Singing) “Started from the bottom now the whole team here!”

[Kristie]: “Do you not remember my first spreadsheet?”

[Elle]: “I do remember your first spreadsheet… so let’s talk about that! But wait… how did we even start? Did I come to you or did you come to me?”

[Kristie]: “You came to me and you just randomly asked what my financial situation was like and I told you it was not good. And at the time I hadn’t started my career yet, so the deal was when I got my job as a nurse, we were gonna start then. And the minute I got the job, you were like ‘okay, let’s start’ and I was like ‘dammit’! That was a promise I was gonna have to keep.”

[Elle]: (Laughing) “We literally started from paycheck number one!”

[Kristie]: “We started planning right before the first paycheck, yep!”

[Elle]: Woooow! That’s so amazing to see how far you’ve come, because that first spreadsheet had all kinds of stuff on there.

[Kristie]: “Yea it was like forty lines of stuff. It was a lot.”

[Elle]: “So how did you feel as you started to see things come off the spreadsheet?”

[Kristie]: “Oh it felt great once it started coming off, but at first I did not like you very much (laughing). Let’s just be real… did not like you! I would have great checks and then $2 left over, but luckily for me I still lived at home with my parents and my mama cooked.”

[Elle]: “So you were the swiper!”