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Buying Back the Black Community...

There is a push to support black business in the wake of the chaos of COVID-19, protests, riots, and endless discussions about race, politics, and police brutality. A grand idea that I wish hadn't taken until now to get off the ground… again.

Since June 1, 1865, the original Juneteenth, Black people have built communities, pooled their resources, and built "freedmen's towns" across America. In nearly all cases, these were successful, independent, thriving cities that fell to sabotage by the government or scornful neighbors like Tulsa, OK, and Rosewood FL.

Circulating Black dollars within the Black community has always been a sound financial decision. It is often a means to an end for disenfranchised people as it builds community and economic independence. It's also how areas in US cities become named after places that are a world away, i.e., Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. Group economics is one of the essential things that can be done during this social shift to help Black people gain their "financial footing," so to speak. As this #BuyBlack movement rejuvenates, resources to advertise and locate black businesses grow. With the need for more black goods and services comes the need for more black entrepreneurs (but we'll save that for another post). Black people worldwide are at a pivotal point, but especially in America, and the changes can't be as effective without the Black dollar circulating the Black community. Financial independence is the difference between our children wrangling carts at a grocery store as their first job, and interning or learning an applicable skill at their first job. It's the difference between having to work three times as hard to succeed in someone else's institution's and creating your own. The Black dollar applied to the Black community creates endless possibilities for Black people, and I can't think of anything we need more than an opportunity.

Charde is a California native, Texas educated, wander lusting creative, and writer for Girlfriend's, Budget! University of North Texas Alum, when she is not creating different forms of media she enjoys traveling, saving money, thinking of new side hustles and reading fiction novels. ​Charde can be reached via twitter @Chardebbrown

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