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What You'll Get:

  • The Budget Guide: A downloadable e-book that includes step-by-step instructions on how to get financially organized.
  • The Budget Template: A downloadable spreadsheet with added formulas so all you have to do is plug in your own numbers to see where you stand financially.
  • The Budget Video: A pre-recorded video that walks you through completing your customized budget.
  • Extra Budgeting Tips: To assess your budget and how to make it work for you.



The only credit repair STARTER kit you will need! The GFB Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Kit includes over 13 dispute letters to help you began rebuilding your credit-worthiness. With this kit you'll learn: 


  • How to read a credit report.
  • How to build credit.
  • How to validate debt. 


PLUS letter templates for: 

  • Dispute letters (Rounds 1-5)
  • Inquiry Letter
  • Repo Letter
  • Public Record Letter
  • Third Party Bureau Letter
  • Medical Bill Dispute
  • Intent FTC letters
  • Identity Theft letter
  • Stall Tactic Letter 
  • Settlement letter
  • Pay To Delete Letter


And SO MUCH more!


Invest in yourself and make the decision to change your financial situation today!

Starter Kit: Credit and Budget Bundle

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