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5 Free or Inexpensive Things To Do When Your Funds Are Low!

Hey girl, hey!

So of course, it's expected that some days we will have more money to spend than others. So what's a girl to do on those days when you and your bank account are not in agreement? Below I have listed 5 things that I like to do when my account tells me to "have a seat". 

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1. Explore your city!

I guarantee that even if you've been in the same city your whole life, there are things you haven't discovered about your home town. Or maybe you've moved to new spot and haven't had time to explore just yet.

Personally, I've been trying to brush up on my photography skills lately and on a day of exploring my current city of residence, Dallas, TX, I came across this beautiful wall art and just had to take a picture (see above).

​So now is your time to put on your walking shoes and get to exploring! Grab a friend (or go by yourself), take pictures, and have a blast! 

2. Read More!

The old saying "Reading is Fundamental" still holds true today... whether it's articles online, a digital book or a good 'ol traditional hardback book. Reading is free and the kicker is you might actually learn something you didn't know! So find an old book you have laying around or start perusing the internet. Who knows what you may find!

3. Organize Your Closet!

Okay ladies, now let's get in... organization?!

Alright, maybe my Beyoncé reference was slightly lame but still, what better way to spend some down time and not have to spend a dime. Instead of buying more and more clothes that will only lead to clutter, purging may just be the thing for you.

Once all the old, outdated, and ill-fitting clothes are gone, you can make room for stylish new pieces that can withstand the test of time... and guess what?! You could possibly find a new outfit or two by just shopping within your closet.

Trust me, I've done it myself!