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Summer Budget Tips for Girl's Trips!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Hey girl, hey!

Summer is officially here (well, at least the scorching hot Texas temperatures say so where I live), and let’s face it, sometimes we all just need a break… from life!

So what better way to get that break than to plan a summer girlfriend’s getaway (sun’s out, buns out!). The good news is that traveling doesn’t have to be a big production, nor does it have to be expensive.

So today, I listed some tips to keep those coins in your pocket while still having a good time with the ladies! Let’s chat:

1. Did Someone Say… Road Trip?

Listen, girlfriend, there ain't nothing like a good ol' road trip, and sometimes a quick getaway requires just that! You'd be surprised at how many hidden gems you can find that are only a few hours away. So do a google search of some places to travel to within your driving limits (my limit is 5 hours in the car, any more than that… no can do, hunty), get your girls together, and start planning!

Don't forget to have everyone chip in to help the driver with gas.

2. Check out Airbnb or VRBO!

For those of you who may be thinking… what the hell is Airbnb and VRBO? Girlfriend, let me put you up on game! These are sites where you can rent apartments, houses, townhomes, and condos almost anywhere in the world. I love renting one of these places because often, they are significantly cheaper than hotels and allow way more flexibility. You pretty much get to experience living like a local in the area you're visiting.

Not only that… some places have major accommodations like private swimming pools, game rooms, and other entertainment ideas (Awesome Sauce!). You may not even have to leave the house much… how's that for saving money!

3. Grocery Shop & Cook at Home.

Yes, I know… eating out can be quick and easy, but where's the fun in that?! If you have a decent group of ladies going along, try splitting up into "teams" and rotating which team cooks breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Or if you have some Chef Girl-ardee's in the house that love to cook, ask if they'd mind whipping up some grub for the crew. Just find a nearby grocery store and grab all the ingredients you'll need for the weekend (include the snacks too).

I guarantee you, this grocery run is so worth the money you'll be saving on eating out, and you'll have so much fun bonding with your girls over delicious home-cooked meals!

A little while back, my girls and I took a fun weekend getaway trip to Wimberley, TX (yeah, pretty much the middle of nowhere). There were 6 of us, and everyone chipped in $121 (Total $726). That money was enough to cover not only our rental home for the weekend but also all the groceries we shopped for while we were there! ​

Now let me tell you, some of these ladies can throw down! We made some bomb-ass Backyard Burgers, Shrimp & Grits, and Breaded Chicken Parmesan pasta (haha... can you tell I love food?). The dishes created that weekend were umm, ummm scrumptious... and way better than any restaurant we could have found, because not only are they great cooks… they made each meal with love! (Awww).

4. Be Flexible.

Sometimes you have to be a little flexible with your schedule to score a great deal on a trip. More recently, my girls and I took an epic getaway to Atlanta (where we turned all the way up... lol), and the round trip flight only costs us $181 per person. Now, grant it, the flights took off at a crazy, ungodly time of the morning (like... 5:30 am), but hey… you can catch up on sleep during the plane ride, right?!

In addition to that, we left on a Thursday and returned home on a Sunday. However, in personal research that I've done, flights mostly seem to be at their cheapest on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So if you can leave and/or return on a Wednesday or a Saturday… compare prices with your preferred timeline and see how that may help your pocketbook! ​

So with that being said, start planning some girl's trips, budget for them, and let me know how these tips worked out for you! And don't forget to send me some pictures!

Until Next Time,


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