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How to Maintain your Sexy!

Hey girl, hey!

When you think of the word “sexy”, what exactly comes to mind? Most people automatically think about a physical attraction, but girlfriend it’s waaay more than that! True sexiness comes from within and after three decades of being alive, I finally learned what being sexy is all about… so today I’d like to share with you how I maintain my sexy and how you can do the same. Let’s chat!

1. Stay Active.

If you follow me on snapchat (follow me @mselle21), you know that I’m always talking about staying active. However, I cannot lie and say that I’m a gym rat... because that, my friend - would be far from the truth. In all actuality, I hate going to the gym, so I try to find activities to do that are both fun annnd active. Whether it’s going on a long walk with my dogs, riding a bike around the city on nice days, running on the beach during vacation, or finding Living Social Deals like these with activities to do around my area. My friends and I sometimes get together to do some type of group exercises, because we all know how important it is to keep your body active. It’s not just to stay looking good (although that’s a very nice side effect), the more important part of staying active is that it decreases stress (we all have stressful jobs), uplifts your mood, and helps keep away many diseases and ailments caused from being overweight and under-active. ​By no means am I telling you to immediately start going beast mode with the physical activity, but I am saying that you should at least start somewhere… even if it’s only a couple days a week. Trust me, you’ll find yourself doing a double take in the mirror - loving the way you look and feel after a few weeks of steadfast consistency.

2. Find Balance.

“Major Key!” (in my DJ Khaled voice) All jokes aside, balance is a key component to being victorious in life. My mantra, that I’ve worked so hard to live by, is ‘Mind, Body, Soul’. When all three of these things are in balance, it’s a recipe for happiness, harmony, and success. When I say find balance… it literally means just that. Had a burger for lunch? Okay…. maybe eat a salad for dinner (and skip dessert) to balance it out. Like to splurge on shopping? Okay… determine your next savings goal and then set aside a little bit of money to reward yourself with something nice and within reason. Have high anxiety (like me)? Try meditating in a quiet space a couple times a week to release those anxious thoughts and calm your mind. Just don’t make it complicated. Like they say… even too much of a good thing can be harmful. I’ll share a quick story with you:

When I was about 13 years old, I would always see those commercials about V8 juice (“Shoulda had a V8!”. Remember those?!). Anyway, I was convinced that by replacing water with V8 juice that I would be giving my body all the fruit and veggie nutrients it needed, and I would be healthier - solely by changing this one thing. Needless to say... after about 2 weeks of drinking non-stop V8 juice, I woke up one morning to find that I had literally turned orange because of all the beta-carotene from the carrots in the juice! And what made matters worse… I had completely broken out into hives all over! So there I was… orange and hivey all because I indulged in too much of a “good thing”. Ultimately, I think we all want to someday reach a balanced level in life… it’s just all about finding what works for you.

3. Keep Your Cool.

Let’s keep it all the way real… there are going to be times in life when (ahem..excuse my french)... a MF’er just really wants to try you… and it could happen at anytime! It could be someone at work, someone in your personal or dating life, or maybe a complete stranger that just wants to act a fool with you for some unknown reason (ugh, I hate that). In my younger years, I can admit that I never really handled situations like this with tact. In fact, it would be more like: “So you wanna get loud?... Watch me get louder!” “Oh, you wanna be petty?... Guess who’s the petty queen!” “You think you got an attitude?... Wait until you see mine!”

But fortunately, I learned that matching ignorance with ignorance is no way to go through life. If anything, people will respect you more for keeping your cool and maintaining your sexy in heated situations… because ladies, we’re just naturally too sexy to let anyone take us out of character. So the next time someone wants to act a donkey with you… don’t give them the pleasure of seeing you react. Just remember to keep your cool and keep it movin’.

4. IDAF.

Over time, I’ve really learned to be comfortable in my own skin, with whom I have become, and with whom I’m growing to be. At the end of the day, I do not need approval from anyone in order to be happy and neither do you. If someone dislikes how I look, dislikes my blunt honesty, or dislikes who I am and what I stand for, guess what? ... IDGAF! Literally learning the lesson of not giving two shits is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. For so long I was always worried about what certain people would say, or how certain people would feel, or what people on social media thought of me… but no more! Because in reality not nan (yes, I said nan) one of those people are paying my bills, cultivating my growth, or providing me emotional or spiritual fulfillment. So when I’m presented with information about what some hater said, I typically have the same reaction: *Blank stare*. Unbothered. Why?... Because IDGAF!

Haters are those people who despise seeing you win! They are clapping with you, but not actually clapping for you. They are smiling in your face, but talkin' mad trash behind your back. But the way I see it… if someone has enough time to discuss what they dislike about you and what you’re doing, they seriously need a hobby! Real winners are too busy focusing on actually winning to be worried about the next person. So the next time you find someone talking down on you when you know you’re putting forth your best effort to be your best self… shake them haters off girlfriend, because you’re just too damn sexy to be worried about things or people who are irrelevant to your well-being.

5. Keep Your Finances in Check!

Perhaps one of the sexiest things a woman can be is financially savvy... knowing how to make those coins... then knowing how to make those coins work. for. her. Have you ever seen a woman negotiate? (So sexy!) The key here is not to look the part, but actually be the part. "Oh nice, you drive a benz?"... But does your checking and savings account validate the fact that you're driving that luxury car? Or are the people calling you every other month to repossess it. "Girl, you slayin' in those red bottoms!" But does your checking and savings account look like you should be shopping at the $9.99 Shoe Deals shop down the street?

You see, sexiness is the mindset of knowing when to downplay materials things so that you can build on things that actually matter for your financial future... like budgeting, stacking money, and investing. 'Cause ladies, when a girl has her finances in check... that's the ultimate definition of sexy! O-kay! So go ahead - get your sexy on and drop a comment below and let me know what you think of this post! Until Next Time, Elle

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