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Confessions Part I: The Shopper

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey Girl, hey!

​So I’m starting a three part series entitled “Confessions” where I interview some of my current clients to discuss the differences in their finances from when they first started my program until now. Today… I introduce you to Sandy - The Shopper!

Sandy is the epitome of a Dallas socialite. She’s here, she’s there... she’s all over the city! And with her keen sense of style and her contagious smile, she’s bound to confidently light up any room she walks into. Yet, there was one thing that Sandy wasn’t so confident about… and that was her money management habits.

Her weakness was shopping... and I tell ya, this girl could literally shop until she dropped! But with Sandy being one of my very best friends, I knew I couldn’t allow her to continue with these bad money habits, and that those finances needed to get in check… quick!

In Sandy’s recent interview we took a walk down memory lane and had some great laughs along the way… Here’s how it went:

[Elle]: “So… let’s talk! Let’s talk about money… you’re debt freeeeee!”

[Sandy]: (Laughing) ‘You know what’s funny… I’ve told the world a little bit about it for those who give a shit, that this girl is debt free! Whatcha’ know about that?!”

[Elle]: “That is AWESOME! How does that make you feel?”

[Sandy]: Honestly, it feels good… like really good to know that if something were to happen… anything… I know I did my part financially in this world to be debt free. I really feel good about that as a human being.”

[Elle]: “So let’s go back… to the beginning of when we first started.”

[Sandy]: “Oh God... whyyy?!” (laughing)

[Elle]: “What were your initial thoughts about starting this?”

[Sandy]: “Honestly, I was like I’m gonna go in there half-assing this. This is my best friend. She’s gonna be cool about it and maybe turn a left cheek and then a right cheek, but nooo that did not happen. I got a very rude awakening and it was one of those things where you were coming to terms with your demons and mine was just overspending. I mean… I love shopping! And it was scary because I knew I could do it, but for whatever reason, I didn’t want to challenge myself but I knew I had to do it.”

[Elle]: “So what were some of the challenges you faced?”

[Sandy]: “You know that ‘Needs vs. Wants’ post you wrote about? That didn’t even cross my mind. For me… everything was a need. It was like I need these Christian Louboutins and I needthis Kate Spade bag. I thought I really needed those things, but with financial maturity I realized that those things are not really what’s important. Being financially responsible meant so much more than those labels and tangible things.

[Elle]: “Yea.. because you had stuff everywhere!”

[Sandy]: “I mean yeah… reality really hit when you looked at me and said ‘It looks like we gotta sell the Michael Kors bag to pay off debt’ and I said ‘nooooo, (huge laughs) don’t you do it to me!’ And then that bag went... so that was hard. It was like a gaping hole in my closet but I got through it and Michael was gone.”

[Elle]: “Oh poor Michael… may he rest in peace.”

[Sandy]: (Laughing)

[Elle]: “So what did you grow up knowing about money?”