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Level Up Your Money, Level Up Your Life™

Financial Freedom Programs

Our programs are specifically designed for the girlfriend who is ready to end her toxic relationship with money and take her coins to new heights by unleashing the BADASS BOSS WOMAN within her!

Level Up Your Money Program



This monthly subscription-based coaching program will allow you to have access to dedicated coaches with over 20 years of combined budgeting and mindset experience. This is where the MAJORITY of our girlfriends begin on their road to financial freedom and entreprenuership.


  • 1:1 bi-weekly calls with your very own Financial Coach

  • Monthly group mindset coaching

  • Unlimited support in our private Facebook group

  • Access to EXCLUSIVE online modules

And so much more...


Girlfriend's who have invested in themselves by joining the GFB Level Up Program on average, within 90 days, see credit scores increases of 111 points, savings accounts grow by at least $1,500, and they pay off an average of $5,500 in debt.

Schedule your complimentary breakthrough call to learn more and see if you qualify!

Young Businesswomen

Level Up Your Business Program

An intensive 8 –week program that allows you to get your business started the right way and poised for success. During these weeks, you and your GFB sister circle will: 

  • Get very clear on your business plan, business model, and the services you will offer. 

  • Make your business legal – solidify your business name, setting up your LLC, get your business tax ID / EIN.

  • Create a business budget – knowing how much it will take to run your business and how much you’ll need to make a profit.

  • Get a fully designed website that highlights you, your business, and the services you offer.

  • Set up your systems to work seamlessly with your website

  • Understand the stages of servicing your client.

  • Create a marketing strategy to get your business out there and make noise in your marketplace.

  • Build a schedule for time management.

  • Create a mindset routine with our Certified Mindset Coach to set yourself up for success because a successful mindset is EVERYTHING!

Schedule your complimentary breakthrough call to learn more and see if you qualify!

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The Self-Paced Money Program

Take control of your finances at your own pace.


During this self-paced course you'll be learning how to:

  • Set up your personal budget and spending plan.

  • Release all the crap that's holding you back from achieving your financial goals.

  • Improve your credit score with a step-by-step guide.

  • Go deep on how to adjust your lifestyle to your finances.

  • Create a plan to pay off your debt, and save money like a badass.

  • Know when you're ready to start investing to make your coins grow.


There's not a more complete course than this! Sign up and get started today!

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