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Our monthly subscription programs are specifically designed for the girlfriend who is ready to end her toxic relationship with money and take her coins to new heights by unleashing the BADASS BOSS WOMAN within her!

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Success Stories



I wasn’t bad with money but I wanted to be great. After my first consultation with Elle, I knew right away she had the knowledge and attitude to get me on track to where I wanted to be financially. I loved that Elle asked the right questions to help get me the best results... She held me accountable to my budget like a personal trainer for finances!! Using GFB. I now pay more attention to every penny That comes in and goes out , My savings is growing and my credit score increased! Truly thankful that I invested in myself with such a valuable program!

- Tia

Dallas, TX

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Before working with Elle, my money habits were very spontaneous and sporadic. I wasn't keeping track of my spending while having an "I will pay it another time" attitude. I am a single parent handling all of the financial responsibilities. My money struggle has always been spending too much on eating out and buying unnecessary things for my kids.  As a result, my credit score dropped dramatically, and I constantly had anxiety about utilities getting shut off before the next check came. I hit rock bottom when multiple bill collectors were calling my phone non-stop. I finally came to the conclusion I needed accountability with my spending to get me going on the right track. The detailed budget that GFB helped me create was by far the most beneficial. It makes a difference visually seeing where your money is going and the impact it has on paying down debt and bills on time. Also, having the accountability was most helpful for me. My anxiety level has tremendously dropped when it comes to paying bills on time. Now, my kids are on a budget just like me. I allow them to pick and choose where they spend or save their money.  If you think you need help in managing your money… you do! What is the harm in allowing GFB to help you release negative energy around your finances, and teach you how to stop living paycheck to paycheck? In just four months in the program,  I paid off $2,250 in debt, including a credit card paid in full, my savings increased, and my credit score went up by 65 points. This is the best investment you will make. 

- Christine

Sarasota, FL



I am a community activist and independent consultant, a military wife, mom of 4 girls with a full-time job. Before joining the GFB Level Up Program, I had an issue with my money mindset by overspending and neglecting my finances. When I started to think about my community and helping others live a more holistic and thriving lifestyle, I knew it had to start with me and my finances first. In just FOUR months of joining the program, my credit score increased 97 points, I paid off over $5,600 in debt (including one student loan paid in full), and I added a comma to my savings account. The thing that helped me the most was the accountability to keep me paying attention to where my money was going. I now feel so empowered in how I handle my finances and the knowledge I can pass along to my girls and my community.

- Maleah

Dallas, TX