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Congratulations! You Made it On The Inside!

​Here's what to do next:

1. Print out the Expense List below, grab a glass of wine (you may need it) and take some time to sit down and really go through all your expenses. Check your bank account(s) for accurate numbers and truly do an assessment on whether or not you’re living within your means. 

2. Schedule a
one-on-one consultation to get better clarity on the next steps for YOUR financial situation OR select a Money & Business Membership option that's right for you. It's all the coaching and support you need to finally make money moves that you're proud of. 

Not sure which program is best for you?

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute breakthrough call to determine which programs you qualify for and how the GFB team can help you on your journey of financial freedom. 


​Are you spending way more money than what you’re actually bringing in?

​At first glance, this expense list may seem like a simple worksheet, but it’s actually an invaluable tool that will ultimately open your eyes to the truth of your financial situation. And the best part is… it’s FREE!!


Click the photo to download your FREE printable below! Let's get started!

About Elle Hall-Coleman


Featured on Good Morning Texas, VoyageDallas Magazine, and voted Top 40 Women Financial Blogs on the Web by Feedspot, Elle Hall-Coleman is passionate about helping women level up their confidence and cash flow via efficient money management strategies and mindset mastery tools to overcome fear and THRIVE.

She's personally mentored hundreds of women to breakthrough their inner blocks about money, own their value, and take control of their finances so they can ultimately do what they love. 

A recent graduate, Brittany S. says, "The LEVEL UP program has freed me in more ways than one. Elle has been an amazing money coach and mentor in my life. She helped me start my savings, become more independent, get my money organized, and grow my confidence. I now have the freedom to choose WHAT I want to do with my money instead of wondering HOW I'm going to do things. I invested in myself, did the work, and now I don’t have to worry about bill collectors, late fees, or toxic relationships affecting my money. I am a new woman, with a new life, and I am so grateful!"

Are you ready to go to the next level in your finances?  Our GFB Money Membership has everything you need to take your finances, business, and life to the next level! 

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