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Love Your Budget,
Love Your Life!

A Four-Phase system to Transform Your Lifestyle, Money, Savings, and Credit in 90 days.






Clients Served

Money Saved

Debt Paid

Avg. Credit Score Increase

The Girlfriend's Budget Academy is perfect for you if:

  • You're a girlfriend tired of not knowing where all her money is going.

  • Who knows she can be saving more and paying off debt faster.

  • But needs the tools and structure to get to where she needs to go.

  • You're a girlfriend ready to do the mindset work to see her finances change once and for all.

  • And ready to receive the support and guidance of a trusted sister circle.


What if you could have a step-by-step, easy-to-understand system to walk you through everything you need, to start making your money work for you ?


INTRODUCING The Girlfriend's Budget Academy - Four-Phase Money System


Sign up and learn the 4-Phase Money System I created (and my clients use) to transform their lifestyle, money, credit and savings in 90 days or less.


  • The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Money Management Plan.


  • Debunking the misconception many women have about managing their finances.


  • The truth about creating a spending plan and living your dream life.

Girlfriend’s, Budget Academy™ 

Are you tired of being stuck, overwhelmed, and confused about money? Are you finally ready to get your finances together and begin living the life of your dreams?

Why Girlfriends' Budget Coaching?

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"Discovering my independence allowed me to uncover my purpose - helping other women better manage their money, so they can ultimately live life on their terms!"

My name is Elle Hall-Coleman and my team and I help goal-oriented women just like YOU overcome their destructive financial and emotional habits, so they can level up their lives and experience the blissfulness of FINANCIAL FREEDOM! 

How can GFB help you?

Create a customized spending plan for your personal and business finances to know exactly where your money goes.

Our GFB Coaches and Community Support will help you fast-track your savings goal with accountability.

Side Hustle/ Business
Turn your passion into a money-making machine and add an extra source of income to your household.

Take a deep dive into your credit score, understand what makes it increase, and get it the highest it's ever

Prepare to meet with our partnered Financial Advisors and get your money making money.

Establish a better relationship with your money, release toxic habits and beliefs, and feel good about your financial decisions.



Coaching spots are limited so don’t wait another minute wondering if we are right for you – Sign up now for your free breakthrough call to find out!

You don't have to believe us! Believe the results...

Meet Anna! Over $7,000 of DEBT PAID OFF in 4 MONTHS!

Meet Anna! Over $7,000 of DEBT PAID OFF in 4 MONTHS!

Girlfriends... Meet Anna! 💜💰 To know her is to know one of the sweetest souls there is. As a social butterfly, Anna is always out and about with her circle of friends, but all her socializing was causing her to overspend. When Anna first came to GFB, she wanted to discover a way to organize her money to pay down her debt and still have some social outings with friends. She also wanted to create a money management plan that allowed her to step out on faith and become her OWN BOSS. During these last 4 months, Anna has been SMASHING her goals, and we're right on track to achieving her ultimate goal of becoming a self-employed Core Energy Coach! Join her FB group here: Choose Powerful 💜 And this all happened because Anna DECIDED enough was enough and knew that she needed a plan to achieve her goals, so what better way than with GFB! Now she's doing something her future self will thank her for! Does Anna's story sound like you?! If so, now's the time to turn your situation around just as Anna did! The longer you wait, the more money you're wasting, so let's INVEST that money into the betterment of YOU, girlfriend! The GFB Money Team is here to help. Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Empowerment Breakthrough call to see if you qualify for the GFB Level Up Program TODAY! Your future awaits. 💜💰 Join our FREE FB group at See ya on the other side! 👇🏽💜💰 #share #budgeting #moneymanagement #credit ♥WANNA KEEP UP ON ALL THINGS GFB?♥ ✔BLOG: ✔Facebook: ✔IG: @gfbudget ▽GFB LEVEL UP PROGRAM FINANCIAL COACHING SERVICES▽: ♥GRAB YOUR GFB GRAPHIC TEE HERE♥ GIRLFRIEND'S, BUDGET GUIDE 101 - BUDGETING FOR BEGINNERS: ♥LET'S TALK BUSINESS?♥
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 GFB x Chase Level Up Business Networking Event

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