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Level Up Your Business:  Week 2 

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Step 7. Legal Coaching + The Importance Of Having Legal Protection For Your Business.

Part of having financial security in your business is ensuring you are legally protecting yourself. In today's training we have our guest expert, Valerie Del Grosso, Esq. talk to us about four important topics:

1. The number one issue coaches are powerless against; 

2. The 3 legal steps to take right away (clarifying refund policy, client agreement, and protecting content)

3. Understanding proper marketing promises on sales pages

4. Where they can continue the discussion with me online (group, etc.). 

Video: Coach Legal Training

I personally use Valerie for all my go-to legal docs needs. You can get your full one and done for you package that gives you policy and agreement templates to protect you and your business! 

As an added bonus we have Valerie back to talk about LLC's and Insurances for Coaches. This video is part of the master class she hosted for her Mastermind group, so this is a bit longer.

Video: LLC's + Insurance

If you are feeling overwhelmed at all and just want someone else to handle setting up your LLC then we highly recommend Northwest Registered  Agent. The initial Fee is $535 and $125 annually thereafter; they will take care of the EIN, paperwork with your state (NOT YOUR CITY), and will be your companies registered agent. You will still need to set up your own business account, register with your city, get business insurance, and legal coaching docs.

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